Operating since 2009, Bernard J Jones and Fiona Mooney are the principles of the business and have a combined 35 years’ experience in managing services related to Residential, Commercial and Industrial facilities.  FiBERN initially offered business engineering consultancy, security risk management and CPTED analysis as services before partnering with Fiona Mooney in 2013 to broaden the offerings and redefine services to a more holistic facilities management focus. 

The culmination of experience delivering advanced facilities management services to Government, Information Technology, Telecommunications, E - Commerce, Aviation and Construction sectors meant that service offerings expanded to include property related auditing, dilapidation reporting, trade services and vendor management. This led to a decision in 2013 to add a specialisation in fire / flood mitigation and restoration services. Mitigation and Restoration are advanced cleaning and make safe methodologies where there is exposure to sewage, soot, water and fire damage, rot and moulds requiring the application of water extraction, cleaning of soiled surfaces using specialist chemicals and strip out works in homes and businesses.

Being people who enjoy being outdoors have a love of nature and the ethic of sustainability in all things, we often discussed the methods and impacts of the industry to the environment as we cleaned up heavily soiled premises to a standard of safe occupancy. It was this combination of life and work experiences and a focus on safe practise and love of the environment that was a catalyst for a new direction in Eco Cleaning.

FiBERN is about a smooth, professional appeal in the delivery of Eco Conscious and responsible cleaning services to you. We are in your home or business delivering a cleaning service and maybe as a trusted advisor for consultancy.  We see this is a relationship based heavily on trust. FiBERN has a structure to operate with best practice methodologies wrapped in professional and friendly interface, to ensure that you have a level of comfort in the management and delivery of efficient effective Eco-cleaning services.